The Mother's Day Shopping Guide — Foster's IGA
The Mother’s Day Shopping Guide

Happy Mother's Day

Here's a few tasty ideas

Sit down for a picnic, dig deep into your family roots, cook something new, cook something healthy. There are loads of opportunities to give mom the gift of us. Follow along below for some ideas, tips and tricks. Sometimes all a mother wants is some alone time with her little one, we’ll always be their babies.

A picnic is great for relaxing, catching up on old times and planning for the future. Carve out a little time in your busy schedule to sit on your straw mat, sip on a refreshing smoothie and have a tasty home-made meal with mom while watching a beautiful sunset.

Sometimes the recipe on the box could do with a little more. Ask mom; we’re sure she agrees. When using ingredients from a box, add a little freshness and pizzazz with unique flavors like this authentic Italian truffle flavored balsamic vinegar. You will have one mouth full of goodness.


Whip out the cake mix and bake some of mom’s favorite cake. Choosing cake mix helps you focus less on the baking and more on the decorating. Create gorgeous designs with memories to last. Plus, cake mix makes it easy for the little ones to get involved and makes them have a huge part in making mom feel extra special.

Bond with mom and grandma as you learn how to make an old time classic Cassava Cake. It’s rich, stretchy, and loved across the island. It’s up to us to carry on the tradition, this dessert is too delicious not to carry on. So dig into your roots and get into the kitchen for a pleasant evening of past times and tasty food.

Enjoy a hearty and healthy meal with mom this mother’s day. Whole grain pasta and pesto sauce pair perfectly for a light meal. Take is on the go, or enjoy at home, this simple dish makes little efforts taste like a masterpiece. Don’t forget the parmesan!


Offer mom the gift of alone time. After a busy week, alone time could be all that she’s after. Aromatherapy, relaxation some gelato or a new hair product are all ways for you to give mom that private oasis feeling at home.

Give mom some time to herself with an extra fancy apothecary face masque and a smooth scoop of gelato sprinkled with amaretti biscuits. A smooth face, and some tasty smooth gelato right at her fingertips? Before you know it, you’ve brought the spa to her home!