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Earth Month – Ways to Save the Earth

On planet Earth, there are 3 words we should live by, ‘Reduce’, ‘Reuse’ and ‘Recycle’. Paying attention to these words can make a huge impact when trying to reduce our individual carbon footprint. Check out some tips below to help you hop on your journey to begin healing planet earth; it’s amazing how many ripples a tiny pebble can make.






  • Use less water when washing dishes and taking showers. This practice, in turn, reduces the amount of energy required to deliver water to your home by conserving fuel costs.
  • The amount of disposable products you use, eg. straws, cups, plates, bowls. Try opting for establishments that use eco-friendly materials, or you can try bringing your own!
  • Reduce the amount of paper mail you receive by opting for online versions of bills, newsletters etc. That simple change can save quite a lot of paper.
  • Reduce the temperature you use to wash clothes, dishes etc. cold/warm water burns a lot less energy than hot.





  • Reuse batteries! Most rechargeable batteries can be charged and reused up to 100 times. Imagine the amount of money (and space in the landfill) you could be saving.
  • Use left-over grocery bags as trash can liners. When one ton of plastic bags are reused it is the energy equivalent of 11 barrels of oil saved.
  • Before buying new furniture, consider repairing, refinishing or reupholstering what you have. If that’s not an option, donate it. Donating useful working items like old computers, pots and pans, old jewelry, old cell phones, or any kind of appliance is a much better alternative to throwing them out.
  • This is where those reusable straws, cups, plates, bowls come in handy! Did you know that nearly 500,000,000 plastic straws are used daily? Get your hands on trendy new disposable straws and start reusing today!





  • Turn old t-shirts into cleaning cloths when they’re too worn out to donate.
  • Separate your recyclable trash into recycling bins and bring them to your local Foster’s IGA! We have recycling bins for paper & cardboard, plastic containers, metal containers, and glass!
  • You can also try your hand at composting, click here for your beginners guide on how to compost.
  • Recycling plays a big part in the amount of energy we save by reducing the amount of resources we use to produce products that can simply be reincarnated into something else.
  • Click here to learn the life of your recycled trash. Waste management 101.