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A family business

In 1980, David Foster identified the need for a modern supermarket on Grand Cayman that provided quality food and a larger selection of items at a lower cost.

With the help of his mother, Alta, and brother, Steve, the trio opened Foster’s Food Fair. The Airport Store, with less than 6,000 square feet and 25 employees, was the beginning of what has become a staple of service and value for the people of the Cayman Islands.



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No fees, no carrying cash, no hassle!

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Real champions eat like champions! 
Niman Ranch and Organic Valley are champions in their care for their animals and the products they provide. They understand that engaging in sustainable and ethical practices balances the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow. Their products are delicious and provide you with the energy and focus you need to champion your day!. A breakfast which includes Niman’s meats – ham, bacon, & sausage - paired with Organic Valley’s dairy products – eggs, butter, & cheese - is what we consider a champion’s breakfast. For every color, there's a story -
We're a blue brand with shades of green.  Our blue is rich, and suggests dignity, stability, heritage and trust. It also communicates [and mirrors our] attributes - friendly, approachable, reliable and trustworthy.  Our greens symbolize health, nature, growth and calm; and collectively, they work in harmony to bring balance to our visual language.
Our secondary color palette draws inspiration from our island - the sky, the sea, sunsets, fruits, traditional Caymanian architecture, and the warmth of our people’s personalities. Ever thought about taking on the keto diet?  Well, our latest blog gives an overview of the diet, including meal ideas and specific keto products we sell, to get you started!  See the link in our bio.
Happy eating!  #fosterscayman #betterbecausewecare #ketodiet We recognize that expectations of quality have changed over the years, and we strive to deliver quality in the products we sell and the customer experience we offer. 
We've cared about quality since 1980 - because it's important to our customers, it's important to us to. 
Better quality, because we care.
#BetterBecauseWeCare #FostersCayman Seize the day like a champion, eat Organic Valley today!  Organic Valley ensures that their dairy products have no added hormones, antibiotics or toxic pesticides. Their products are grown GMO free, with no toxins and synthetic fertilizers – meaning, it tastes better, and is better for you!
So, what do champions eat for breakfast? The simple answer: Organic Valley.  Head down to Foster's Strand today between 10am - 1pm to try the Breakfast of Champions surprise recipe of the week. We are nothing without our customers.  Caring for, connecting with and delivering quality products and services to our customers has been at the heart of who we are for the last 39 years. That's why we strive to offer an experience that puts a smile on your face from the time you step into our stores, to your home and back again. 
We may have a new visual identity, but our history with and connection to our community can never be replaced. We're here for our island, and are looking forward to the next 39 years caring for Cayman. 
#BetterBecauseWeCare #FostersCayman
Donate in store today to support the research and treatment sponsored by the St. Baldrick's Foundation for Childhood Cancer Awareness month! 
One of St. Baldrick's sponsored funds, Hannah’s Heroes, was set up locally. Hannah, suffered from a very common pediatric brain tumor called anaplastic medulloblastoma. St. Baldrick's created the fund in her honor because they believed that kids like Hannah We strive to deliver great value.  This mission is grounded in our purpose of caring for our community. We seek out the best deals for our customers and use our size to deliver value through our buying power. 
Better value, because we care.
#BetterBecauseWeCare #FostersCayman Training for the 2019 Foster's Sea Swim?
Need a little more direction on your diet leading up to the swim?  Well, we've put together some nutrition tips to help you perform at your peak!
See the link in our bio for our latest blog on nutrition.
#BetterBecauseWeCare #FostersCayman Time is running out to sign up for our 35th Annual Foster's Sea Swim!
The 800M & 400M races will be held on Saturday, September 14th, 2019. 
Head to to sign up now! With almost 39 years behind us since Foster’s Airport opened in 1980, we’ve continually changed and evolved to better serve you.  Now, we take the next step in evolving our brand as we continue to be committed to caring for our community. 
Our new brand mark's typeface provides a friendliness and humanistic feel through simple, geometric shapes and loose-fitting letter spacing. 
Our new symbol, two seeds, is a visual metaphor for change, nurture, and care. Placed in a shape comparable to two open hands, the symbol embodies our values. 
#BetterBecauseWeCare #FostersCayman What does it mean to be a champion? You may have defeated rivals in a competition or maybe you’ve championed a cause. Well, you can now help champion the quality treatment of animals, while supporting family farmers, by being a breakfast champion! 
Niman Ranch and Organic Valley are brands that both produce tasty food products using only sustainable and humane practices. Not only this, but their food products provide your body with the kick-start it needs in the morning so that you can champion your day!  Head down to our Strand location today between 9am - 1pm to try our Breakfast of Champions Breakfast Burritos made from Niman Ranch and Organic Valley products. Z99 will be broadcasting live and we’ll be giving away Organic Valley Kids Yogurt Tubes!