Market Update: 28/08/17

August 28th, 2017

Green Onions:
Limited supplies continue due to extreme heat in the Mexicali and San Luis Mexico growing regions. Sizing has been affected and we are seeing an influx of small to pencil sized green onions and minimal amounts of large to jumbo size. The quality issues we are seeing have been yellow to brown tops due to the heat.

Tropical Storm Franklin caused a lot of damage to the lime supply. Rain and heavy winds caused days of zero harvest and on top of that quality will suffer for weeks due to wind scarring. The situation will not improve much for the next few weeks as things dry out between the tropical storm the week before and scattered showers this past weekend.

The hotter than normal weather in the California growing area has slowed the growth of the carrots. This combined with good demand for the jumbo sized carrot, we are seeing the jumbo market tighten up and markets are firming.